Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Baby's Room!

Yes, she is still "baby."  No name.  Regardless, her room is cute!  I didn't get a very good shot of the curtains, but they're pretty cute.  I think everything came together pretty well.  What do you think??  :)

Item #1, a lamp
Aren't the rosettes cute??
I got the lamp from Ikea and embellished it with some left-over fabric from the curtains.  And speaking of curtains....
Lace at the top, ruffles at the bottom.  :)
Sorry, this pic isn't much better...
I also made a super-cute mobile/chandelier.  The idea for it came from one of the very first things I ever repinned on Pinterest, found here at Hartland Paper.

All butterflies were cut out on my Cricut..

I also made a VERY simple bed skirt to go around the crib.  Tutorial is here from Young House Love, but basically it's just three rectangles of fabric, hemmed with hem tape, and velcro'd onto the frame of the crib.  :) By the way... I LOVE the fabric!!

Isn't that the cutest fabric??

 And one or two final touches...

There are more hairbows than that, that's just all I had up at the time..
(All tutorials and inspirations can be found on my Pinterest boards!)

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