Tuesday, January 31, 2012


So today my sweet little Emma wore one of the dresses that I made for her.  I think it turned out pretty cute.  I used a pattern/tutorial that I found on Pinterest a while back from the blog Smashed Peas and Carrots.  It is a cute little Pinafore dress, and it was so easy to make!  That blog has some really cute stuff on it, and I've made a couple of different things from there.  Anyway, I used fabric for this that Evan picked out (read: insisted on because it was "the cutest fabric he's ever seen") for the outside and just some left-over black-and-white fabric for the inside.  It was quite simple and I think it turned out really cute.  What do you think??

I just had to put the pic with the feet!

And the back
The best thing about this little dress is that I can put it over some little ruffle-butt tights or something and it will look really cute.  Also, because of how loose it's made, she can keep wearing it until it gets too short to be a dress, and then she can wear it as a tunic.  :)

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

One last project!

I squeezed in one last project before I had to pack up all my sewing stuff.  I think I'll be taking a break from the sewing machine for a while (but not from crafting!!), but I made these two things very quickly the other day.  Seriously it only took me a couple of hours to do both.

CarSeat Cover (aka "Greeter Deterrent").  I combined three tutorials: Make It Do, AllFreeSewing, and Calico.
There is pink flannel on the back side that matches.  :)

Since I followed the fabric amounts from the first tutorial (1 1/3 yard) but didn't even use a whole yard, I had enough left over to make this cute little changing pad/diaper clutch.  Tutorial here at Cluck Cluck Sew.  A blog, btw, which has some super cute sewing ideas.  :)

It was nice and smooth, but then I washed it so now it looks all wrinkled...  :)

(That's the pink flannel that's on the other side of the carseat cover.)  
Sorry the pic is crooked...

Baby's Room!

Yes, she is still "baby."  No name.  Regardless, her room is cute!  I didn't get a very good shot of the curtains, but they're pretty cute.  I think everything came together pretty well.  What do you think??  :)

Item #1, a lamp
Aren't the rosettes cute??
I got the lamp from Ikea and embellished it with some left-over fabric from the curtains.  And speaking of curtains....
Lace at the top, ruffles at the bottom.  :)
Sorry, this pic isn't much better...
I also made a super-cute mobile/chandelier.  The idea for it came from one of the very first things I ever repinned on Pinterest, found here at Hartland Paper.

All butterflies were cut out on my Cricut..

I also made a VERY simple bed skirt to go around the crib.  Tutorial is here from Young House Love, but basically it's just three rectangles of fabric, hemmed with hem tape, and velcro'd onto the frame of the crib.  :) By the way... I LOVE the fabric!!

Isn't that the cutest fabric??

 And one or two final touches...

There are more hairbows than that, that's just all I had up at the time..
(All tutorials and inspirations can be found on my Pinterest boards!)

Sunday, January 8, 2012

More stuff for baby!

I have been working on quite a few projects for yet-to-be-named Baby Girl, but haven't gotten pictures of too many finished products.  But here are a couple of the little things that I have done.  Just little things so far like adding bows and ribbons to onesies and burp cloths...

I have had this cloth since E was born, so pardon the dinginess.  It was sort of just an experiment.
The ribbon came pre-pleated!

I also made a blanket, which was harder than it looked!  I found some white minky in the discount bin at Hobby Lobby, got some cute pink flannel from JoAnn's, and got to work.  My first attempt failed miserable.  The mink tends to shift, bunch, and stretch all at the same time.  So after much seam-ripping, a couple of people suggested these blogs.  They gave me some great ideas for working with minky, the most important being to PIN A LOT!  Seriously, I had 20 pins in each side of this thing.  After I got the sides sewn, I got it all turned right-side-out and then top-stitched around the whole things.  I think it turned out pretty cute.  I may add a little embellishment or two at some point, but for now I'm just please I got the thing sewn!

Baby Doll blanket

Here is a baby doll blanket I made for my niece.  I also made a coordinating pillow, but I didn't get a picture of it.  Nikki, maybe you could take a pic and send me one??  ;)

More Christmas gifts

Now that Christmas is over and everyone has their gifts, I feel it's safe to post some of the things I made.  I didn't take pics of everything (though I should have), but I'll post what I have.  First is this hurricane vase I made for my Mom.

Ok, I didn't make the leaves.  I just thought it looked pretty with the red candle.  Anyway, I followed this tutorial from The Idea Room on glass etching, and it was so easy!  The hardest part was cutting out the stencil, since I had to cut it by hand with an exacto-knife and it has a lot of detail.  All you do is cut your stencil out of contact paper (which can be done on a Cricut or any sort of machine like that, or by hand tracing and cutting).  Then you stick the contact paper to the glass, leaving the cut-out area exposed, and you slather on the etching cream.  (It's ok if you don't stay in the lines, as long as you don't get cream on any glass that you don't want etched.)  The instructions on the bottle say you only need to leave it on for about a minute, but in reality it takes 10-15 minutes to get a nice "dark" etch.

As suggested in the tutorial, the cream is re-usable.  After the first 10 minutes, scrape the cream back into the jar (I always just use one of the boys' old craft paint brushes), rinse the residue from the glass, see if it is as dark as you want it, then re-apply for 5 more minutes if needed.  Just be careful when you rinse not to let the stencil come off, in case you want to re-apply.  Cute and easy, right?
Ok... enough of my horrible picture-taking!

Check out my Craft board on Pinterest for more etching ideas... the possibilities are endless!