Saturday, April 28, 2012

I may be a little obsessed.....

.....with sewing!  I found this cute cotton knit fabric in the discount bin several months ago, and I have been dying to use it for something cute.  I found this tutorial at Sew Much Ado for a simple little peasant dress and I was sold.  It took me about an hour to make, and it only took that long because I didn't read all the instructions in one important step and had to do some seam ripping...oops!  Anyway, it was so cute and easy, I might make her another one in another print!  What do you think??

She hasn't learned the joys of having her pic taken yet... :)

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

I made this

It's a cute little dress from Prudent Baby.  The original pattern is for a 12-18M, so I scaled it down, and it turned out almost too small!  My baby girl is growing so fast.  Anyway, I love the yellow fabric, and I might just have enough left to make another dress... hmmm..... Could be fun!

Addicted much??

I bought all of this fabric in one weekend a couple of weeks ago.  Yes.  I'm addicted to sewing.  Oh, and I only payed full-price for one of these!  :D

Why yes... there are three prints of very cute flannel on top there that I got for very cheap.  Thanks for asking!