Monday, September 13, 2010

Inspiration from my Hubby

Sorry we haven't posted in over a week...what a crazy week it has been!  Today I am trying to play catch-up with my house and get things cleaned up from the weekend, and I was feeling quite overwhelmed this morning.  Just making a mental list of all the things that needed to be done made me want to go back to bed.  Then I was reminded by my husband to start with something small.  He said that as I got small things done then I would be able to see my progress, which would build my confidence and make me more motivated to keep going.  (I then asked him if he'd been reading my blog!)  What a great reminder!  So then I reminded myself that whether it's catching up from the weekend, re-doing a room, working on a big project for work or planning a big event, when you have a large and overwhelming task to complete, break it up into smaller parts.  (Or in the words of a song from my son's favorite TV show, "If a word's too big to build, just break it down and you'll be thrilled.  You can handle it bit by bit!")  So, here's the moral of today's story: Break it down and handle it bit by bit!  Big projects don't have to be overwhelming, just take it one small part at a time! 

Thanks for the inspiration honey!

Friday, September 3, 2010

Use it or Lose it!

Ok, here's my organizing tip for the day.  This is more of a de-cluttering tip.  We've all heard that we should get rid of anything that we don't use in a year's time, but sometimes it can be hard to "prove" to ourselves that we really don't use some things.  (This especially goes for clothes and shoes!)  Well  yesterday I read a tip somewhere that has to do with clothing that I thought was absolutely brilliant.  Here's what you do.  Once a year (could be January, or it could be today), turn all of the hangers in your closet around backwards.  As you wear an item, re-hang it with the hanger turned the correct way.  At the end of a year's time, anything that you haven't worn will still be backwards.  That way you can quickly identify and remove items that you truly don't use.  And just think...the more clothes you get rid of that you don't wear, the neater and more spacious your closet will feel!