Tuesday, August 16, 2011

I made a Tie!

So, I have been searching and searching for a necktie for Evan to wear to church.  We had one that we got from the church bookstore, but it quickly got torn up and untied.  The ones at the department stores are expensive and either too long or too short.  So I started looking for patterns.  I found some fabric months ago in the discount bin at Hobby Lobby (I think it was about $3 for almost a yard) that I had been dying to make a tie out of, but I was not willing to pay $15 for a pattern.  That's almost the same as just buying a tie.  So the other day (again, after I finally got my craft area clean) I searched online for a pattern and tutorial that looked do-able.  I found this post on The Purl Bee blog (which is fabulous!) and thought it looked easy and fast, and it was!  I think I worked on this for 4 hours total (including trying to teach myself how to do a slip stitch and then doing it veeeeeeerrrrrry slowly and stopping to check the blog every 5 minutes to make sure I was doing the right thing), start-to-finish.  I want to try another one for Christian (which you can do by reducing the size when you print it apparently...duh!), and I'm sure it will go much faster now that I know what I'm doing.  It was really fun, and I love the result!

Wasn't sure how to tie it...

My little model... in full Batman attire, naturally

I looked up how to tie it real quick, but I'm not very good!  :)


  1. Ok I LOVE this. And can Evan please be Bstman for church if he wears his tie???

  2. Awe!!!! That is awesome! It looks SO good on Evan! I really like it on the Batman costume. Especially with his... um, Batman gauntlets? Is that what they call those? Haha!