Tuesday, March 22, 2011

First Staining Project

Ok, here is my first-ever on-my-own staining project.  Years ago our Dad made some of us a chest for our keepsakes (affectionately known as our Hope Chests).  When he made them, they were left unfinshed, and each one had a unique design stenciled on.  (Unfortunately I did not get any pics of how it looked before, but imagine unfinished wood with a blue angel stencil.)  I have been wanting to stain it for a while now so it would match the tables in my bedroom, and this past month I finally did it!  As I said, the chest has some years on it, so it is a little worn (nicks, bumps, stains I couldn't remove), but I think the finished product turned out pretty nice for my first attempt.  Oh, and I had a 3-yr-old "helper," so take that into account too!  Here are pics of the finished product.

Ok, what is going on??  Every post I've done lately has turned one of my pics sideways, and I can't figure out why!  It wasn't taken vertical, it's not vertical in my pictures folder, only when it gets posted on the blog.  Help?!

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  1. That looks SOOOO good! I love that you stained right over the angel... it's a nice touch!