Sunday, October 10, 2010

Hurricane Lamps

The other day my cousin sent me some links for some really cute craft projects, one of which was these beautiful hurricane lamps.  The website,, has some great ideas, and I decided to try these lamps.  As we all probably know, a good hurricane lamp can be pretty pricey.  So, why not make our own?  The lady who originally did this used vases she had around the house and then got assorted candle sticks from the Dollar Tree.  I didn't have any vases big enough, so I got vases and candle sticks from the dollar store.  I just made two to start with, and here's what I did (Thanks,

I started with my two vases and two sticks, washed, dried and ready to go.  I chose two different sizes of vases, just for variety.  (Please ignore all the extra stuff in the background...)
I used Gorilla Glue, which was easier to use than I thought it would be after reading the other blog.  I found it at Michael's right with all of the other adhesives.  You lightly dampen one of the surfaces, then apply a thin layer of glue to the other.  I repeat, a thin layer of glue.  The glue bubbles and expands as it dries, so a little goes a long way.  After adhering the candle sticks to the vases, I weighted them with books and let them dry...
Once they dried (which takes about an hour) I turned them over.....

and filled them with things I had on hand.  I think I would like the larger one better with a larger candle, but here's what I ended up with.


  1. I can't believe how beautiful these turned out! I really want to make some.

  2. I NEED to go to the Dollar Store! I wish the isles weren't so close together.. .my girls grab EVERYTHING. They are very pretty!

  3. They turned out very pretty!! I like the decorated look too!! I an thinking about making some more so that I have them for Christmas!!