Sunday, October 10, 2010

Fall Wreath

OK.  I made what is (in my humble opinion) the cutest fall wreath ever!  For less than $10.  :)  OK, here's what I did.  I got some ideas and inspiration for some cute wreaths and centerpieces on the Better Homes and Gardens website, then I got to work.  I found a plain wreath and some fall leaf garland on clearance at Michael's, I used bits of some potpourri that I've had for several years, and Evan and I collected pine cones from my parents' yard.

I first went through and just popped some of the leaves off of the garland and started laying out a rough-draft arrangement of how I wanted it to go.  I decided to only use the smaller bits of the potpourri so that the colored leaves could be the main focus.  I wasn't sure whether I would use the pine cones or not, but after I had it all laid out I decided that they would look very nice as a focal point at the bottom of the wreath.

I used hot glue to attach all the pieces.  For the leaves I found it easier to put the glue on the wreath and then stick the stems of the leaves to it, but for the potpourri pieces it was easier to generously put the glue directly on the potpourri, then stick it to the wreath.  And here is the finished product!

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