Thursday, December 9, 2010

Gifts galore!

Yay, I'm finally posting new projects!  I have actually been working on numerous projects lately, I just haven't had a whole lot of time to sit down and blog.  With the Holidays approaching, I am working on lots and lots of things!  The following pics are some Christmas presents i have been working on for my nieces.  I still have one to make, so I will post pics of that one when I get done.  I also have an apron and several cards and tags to post, so check back later for more pics!

These I made almost entirely on my Cricut cutter.  In case anyone is wondering, here are the cartridges I used: for Kayla's name and surrounding shapes, Jasmine; for the pink and green butterfly and purple and yellow flower, Serenade; for the blue and purple butterfies, the chick, the flowers and the horse on Melissa's, Create a Critter; for the horse on Melissa's, Paper Dolls Dress Up; and for Melissa's name, Plantin School Book.  Everything else is just strips of paper or stickers.  I just bought a LOT of new patterned paper (Thank you Black Friday!), so I had lots of fun matching up colors and patterns.  I maybe gone SLIGHTLY over-board with the girlie-ness, but since I have two boys, I take the girlie projects whenever I can get them!  (I hope the format of the pics is camera is broken, so I just scanned them in.)  And again, I have one more still to make, so check back for more pics!

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  1. These may be my favorite of all the things you've made with your Cricut so far.